1. Is the UNDERGROUND KITCHEN a restaurant?
Nope. We’re just a giant, infrequent dinner party involving strangers and amateur cooks who like good food and don’t mind making a few new friends.

2. I’m a vegetarian. Does the UNDERGROUND KITCHEN have veggie options?
You bet your portabella mushroom it does. When you RSVP for a meal, you’ll be able to request the vegetarian (not vegan–sorry!) version of our UNDERGROUND KITCHEN awesomeness.

Somewhere in Charleston, West Virginia. We can’t tell you where . . . until you RSVP. An email with directions to the location goes out to everyone who RSVP’d a day or two before the event.

4. How do I find out about the next UNDERGROUND KITCHEN?
Get yourself on our email list. Add to your contacts in your email account (so we don’t wind up in your Spam folder). Wait a little bit. We’ll send an email out to the list as soon as we’ve scheduled our next UNDERGROUND KITCHEN.

5. Okay, I’m on the email list. Now how do I reserve a seat at the next UNDERGROUND KITCHEN?
The email announcement will include reservation instructions. We request an advance donation (via PayPal) to cover groceries. Your donation = your reservation. Reservations are first-come, first-serve, folks. You can reserve up to two seats at a time. No reservations are accepted (and no refunds given) after the Thursday prior to the UNDERGROUND KITCHEN event.

5a. Uh, what if I don’t have a PayPal account?

All you need to send payment through PayPal is a credit card; you don’t have to sign up for an account in order to use PayPal.

6. How much does it cost to attend the UNDERGROUND KITCHEN?
We request a donation of $40 per person. We’re trying to keep it cheap, but last time we charged $30 and ended up in the hole. So $40 it is.

7. Is liquid refreshment included?
The UNDERGROUND KITCHEN operates B.Y.O.B. We send out a list of inexpensive wine pairings (available from the local Wine Shop) just before the event, in case you want some suggestions.

8. Where did you guys get the idea for this UNDERGROUND KITCHEN thing?
Inspiration came from here and here and here and . . .

9. This all sounds a little sketchy to me. I’ve got more questions.
No problem! Email us at



  1. Heather Says:

    Just a suggestion from an English teacher who has a thing for words…

    “Inexpensive” is a much better word (in my opinion) as compared to “cheap.” It’s a connotation thing. The one characteristic you all aren’t is…cheap, as in half assed, bargain basement cooking, or fast foodesque. Inexpensive you are, as in a great price for a fantastically prepared meal and dining experience.

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