Underground Kitchen No. 3: Fork You @ Tabor-Lindsay

Underground Kitchen No. 3 hit it out of the park.  We had food reviewers turned chefs.  A lavishly restored Victorian home on the East End.  Thirty more-or-less strangers.  An incredible tapas menu, Appalachian-style.

In case you missed out on the event, you owe it to yourself to do three things.  First, go check out the pictures— in this case, you don’t need much imagination to be blown away by the food and the beautiful location.  Next, head over to the Fork You blog to read a culinary play-by-play by the Chefs themselves, Susan and Daniel.  Last but oh my, definitely not least, go sign up on our email invite list so you won’t miss out on the next UK dinner (coming soon…watch this space!)

A few of the UK3 dishes:

Gorgonzola potato gratin, tenderloin with chimichurri and breaded asparagus

Crenshaw melon, country ham & arugula with white balsamic vinegar reduction

Espresso Brownie with White Chocolate-Hazlenut Sauce


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