Announcing: Underground Kitchen No. 3 on September 6th!

Ladies & Gentlepeople, it’s time to sign up for the next Underground Kitchen, which will be held on (ta da!) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th, 7pm ’til the cows come home.

The cost is $40,* we’ve got space for 30, and reservations are first-come, first-served. No reservations will be taken, and no refunds given, after Thurs. Sept. 4th (although we sold out early last time and expect to do so again, so don’t wait!).

(Please note that, with enormous love & appreciation for our charter diners, we’re asking people who have been to TWO (2) CONSECUTIVE Ug. Kit. dinners, to sit out the 3rd, so we can give new folks a chance to come. Trust us, this hurts us more than it hurts you. 😦  (2-In-A-Row, Sit-1-Out)

**Just FYI, the price may sound steep but your entire $40 donation goes to the cost of food & equipment. The Underground Kitchen is an entirely “no-profit” enterprise.


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