Ug.Kit. 7/19: Because Eating Dinner With 30 Strangers Is Not As Scary As Eating Dinner With 3 Strangers

photo credit to Dan Todd!

We’ve eaten the leftovers, washed the tablecloths, returned the rental salt & pepper shakers, and written up the recipes, so the only thing left to do is, uh, say thanks to everyone who turned out for the Second Underground Kitchen Ever! We had a GREAT time at the Habitat ReStore on Saturday night. A million thanks to Amy and Shawn for saying “yes, and we can even install a sink for you” when we said, “can we bring 30 complete strangers over to your store for dinner after hours?” They are really wonderful folks, and are doing great things for the Charleston community.

You have to wonder– would an Underground Kitchen be possible without the internet? We put up a website, sent anonymous emails to people, posted an open signup, and set up a PayPal account. Next thing we knew, people were blogging about the Ug. Kit. on twitter. Or finding us by chance through a local blog directory. And signing up. And now, after the event, you can read people’s impressions of the dinner online, see photos and videos, and more photos. If only there was a way to transmit flavors through the “internets” . . .

We’re not sure yet when or if the next Underground Kitchen will be, but the best way to find out is to sign up for our email list if you haven’t already. We’ll email invitations to everyone who signs up.

And while you’re waiting for that invitation . . . go check out the Habitat ReStore! It’s a building materials re-sale store, where you can donate used fixtures and tools, or buy items that you need. You can see a list of the materials they resell here. 815 Young Street, near Fazio’s and Green’s Feed & Seed. They’re open 9-6 on weekdays, and 9-4 on Saturdays.

Thanks to Dan for the pictures!


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5 Responses to “Ug.Kit. 7/19: Because Eating Dinner With 30 Strangers Is Not As Scary As Eating Dinner With 3 Strangers”

  1. Daniel Says:

    What no comments yet! The UK will become a great social instrument in Charleston. The UK crew should be congratulated and thank for all their hard work. Thanks. Fork You…Dan

  2. Colette Says:

    My first social outing in Charleston… and easily one of the coolest situations I’ve ever managed to get myself into. The venue was awesome, the food transcendent and the company was excellent: the trifecta of a great evening out! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put this together. If I were a betting woman (which I am), Underground Kitchen is going to be the proud owner of the 30 hottest properties in Charleston… seats at the dinner table.

    See you next time!

  3. J-Si Says:

    Any chance of getting the sangria recipe put together (I think) by someone named Elizabeth?

    p.s. the evening was wonderful. I’ve already taken down my blog entry about it because I get such blog anxiety.

  4. undergroundkitchen Says:

    Yes! We have the sangria recipe– will be putting it up soon. Does anyone out there in Ug. Kit. Land have a photo of the sangria, by chance?

  5. Erin Brewster Says:

    What a GREAT event. It was a pleasure to meet all my table mates and the food was fantastic. I’m anxious to try to replicate the orzo dish. Elizabeth, I want that sangria recipe too – thanks for bringing it! Congratulations to all the UK crew – I think you guys have created a fantastic Charleston event and I, like Collette, predict that you will be shocked by the response you get.

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