Update I: Well, it’s three weeks until the next UNDERGROUND KITCHEN (on July 19th), and we’ve been blown away by the response. Dozens of new folks have signed up for the email list, and ten of the 30 seats for the 19th have already been reserved. If you are thinking about coming but have been hesitating to respond to the invitation, don’t hesitate too long . . . sign up for the invite, and when you get the invite, request a reservation & donate on PayPal. Then you can relax, go check out FestivaLL, etc.

Meanwhile, call us overachievers, but we’ve already got our SECRET DINING LOCATION scouted out & confirmed, and preliminary menu-planning/chicken-scratching underway. Yum:

Update II: So while Dan was scratching that menu up above, here’s what he was seeing and hearing. It was 30 minutes well spent on the banks of the Ohio River in Marietta, OH. Looking back across the river to Williamstown, WV with a cool June breeze blowing was the perfect setting to come up with a delicious menu for the next dinner.


2 Responses to “Update: July 19th UNDERGROUND KITCHEN”

  1. Sarah Saville Says:

    Looking forward to the dinner. Is there a dress code? When do you need my money?

  2. undergroundkitchen Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Dress code = casual, fun, whatever you want!
    We got your RSVP and will email you in the next day or so to arrange payment. Looking forward to meeting you on the 19th,

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